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April 10 2017


The Great Commission to Worship

The Great Commission to Worship is a book by David wheeler and Vernon Whaley. The book shows how the great commission and worship are closely intertwined. In the daily lives of Christians, worship and evangelism should not be separated. This is because worship and evangelism are the basis for the great commission. 

These two men have come up with an approach for worship whereby Christian’s responsibilities are not excluded from participating in the worship. Also in this book, these two authors define the great commission worshipper as that person who commits himself equally to the works of worship and evangelism and thus passes through a spiritual process that is transformational as depicted in chapter 5.  The book shows the way many people seek salvation just because they are motivated and not through their own free will. It uses scriptural support to show how evangelism and worship go together. 

Chapter one of the book has tried to clarify common misconceptions about evangelism and worship in the church.  For example some people believe that evangelism is just a way of passing information about Christ to the unbelievers while others think that it a spiritual gift and only chosen people are able to do it. These are some of the myths that the book tries to prove wrong through the use of biblical concepts. 

This book presents an argument that shows the importance of a holistic approach to the Christian life which is achieved by intertwining worship and evangelism together. It shows how many leaders in the church think they understand the great commission together with the great commandments without distinguishing their interdependence. The two ministers reflecting on their experience in the Christian ministry, clearly outline the importance of using divine commandments in the work of worship and evangelism.  In short, this book seeks to explain the relationship between worship and evangelism and their practical application in the church.


Wheeler, David A., and Vernon M. Whaley. The Great Commission to Worship: Biblical Principles for Worship-Based Evangelism. Nashville, Tenn: B & H Academic, 2011.

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